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How to Fix a Laptops Keyboard That’s Not Working

Laptops are electronic devices that we often use after cell phones. In this era, of course there are lots of jobs that use laptops to type concepts, calculate, and even design things.

Due to frequent use, it is not uncommon for laptops to start having minor to major problems. One of them is the problem of a laptop keyboard that is not functioning in part or completely. But don’t worry, this article will explain how to fix a keyboard that isn’t working.

Why Laptops Keyboard Doesn’t Work:

  • Computer crashes : If the computer or application freezes or locks up, you won’t be able to type.
  • Keyboard disconnected : The keyboard may be unplugged, out of battery, or the wireless connection may be interrupted.
  • The text field in question is not selected : If the text field you want to type is not selected, your keyboard will not type or will type somewhere off-screen (making it appear as if it is not working).
  • Software or driver issues : Your keyboard driver or other software issues may be preventing the keyboard from functioning.

Here’s how to fix a laptops keyboard that isn’t working:

1. Restrat Laptop

If your laptop is not responsive, use the mouse to Restart. After turning it back on, check whether the keyboard is working. This method is believed to be a solution to various problems with the operating system. However, don’t do it too often if the laptop is in good condition.

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2. Clean the dust on the keyboard

Clean all the buildup or dirt on your keyboard and try checking between the keyboards to see if there is a lot of dust and dirt crumbs. If so, you need to clean it with a vacuum, especially a laptop or a dry brush.

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3. Update or Reinstall Keyboard Driver

To fix your laptop keyboard not working, try updating or reinstalling your keyboard driver as follows:

  • Click on the Start button to select Device Manager
  • Scroll down to select Keybaords. Right click on the Standard PS/2 Keyboard, select Update driver and it automatically searches for updated driver software to install.

4. Try removing the battery

Sometimes the battery is a problem when it comes to the keyboard, especially if the battery gets too hot. Additionally, batteries can expand as they age, which of course causes pressure inside the device and pushes the keyboard out of place. Try to remove the battery and plug the laptop directly into electricity. Turn on the laptop and try to see if the keyboard is working again.

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