How to Share an Instagram Post With Only “Close Friends”

Instagram now supports sharing posts and Reels with only your close friends. This means you can limit who sees your content without creating a separate account or making your profile private. This guide will show you how to do just that.

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How to Share an Instagram Post With Only Your Close Friends

Similar to what you get when sharing a Story with Close Friend, sharing a post with Close Friends requires that you first create a close friends list on Instagram. You can do this by going to Profile > Menu icon > Close Friends. There, you can add or remove people from your list.

Once you have your list ready, you can share a post or a Reel with only your close friends by following these steps:

  1. Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and select the type of post you want to create (photo, video, or Reel).
  2. Edit your post as usual. Add filters, stickers, etc., then tap Next.
  3. Tap on Audience, select Close Friends, and tap Done.
  4. Tap Share to post your content to your close friends only.

Your post or Reel will now be visible only to the people on your Close Friends list. Close Friends can’t share the post to their Stories and can’t share the post with people not on your Close Friends list. Sharing the post link with someone else will display Post unavailable to the recipient.

Why You May Want to Share a Post With a Private Audience in Instagram

Sharing posts with only your close friends can help you create a more intimate and engaging experience on Instagram. You can share content that is more personal, fun, or exclusive, and avoid unwanted attention, criticism, or spam from strangers or bots.

You can use it to share personal or sensitive content that you don’t want everyone to see, fun or silly moments, exclusive content or offers, and other content that you want to have a limited audience.

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