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Why Can’t You Follow Someone on Instagram

If you want to keep your Instagram feed relevant, following friends, family, and accounts with enjoyable content is essential. But what do you do when tapping ‘Follow’ yields no results?

If you’re facing this issue, Eduidea will delve into various reasons that might be hindering you from following someone on Instagram.

Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone on Instagram :

Network Connection Issues

There’s a possibility that Instagram isn’t functioning as usual due to an unstable internet connection. In such cases, you might experience more issues like the inability to refresh your feed, send messages, or add new posts.

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Reached the Instagram Follow Limit

According to Instagram’s help center, you can’t follow more than 7,500 people. If you attempt to follow one more account, Instagram will display an error message. Therefore, you need to unfollow someone on Instagram before you can follow a new account.

Even if you haven’t reached the 7,500-follow limit, there’s another constraint to be mindful of. You can’t perform more than 60 actions (follow or unfollow) per hour.

The Person You Want to Follow Has Blocked You

Has the person you’re trying to follow blocked you on Instagram? You can try following another account to check if the issue persists. If everything proceeds as usual, someone else might have blocked you on Instagram.

Glitches in the Instagram App

Temporary glitches could be a reason why you can’t follow a new account on Instagram. In such cases, restart the app and check for any available updates. Additionally, visit the Play Store or App Store to see if there’s a new version.

Moreover, you should clear the app’s cache data. If the data exceeds storage limits or becomes corrupted, it can impact the app’s functionality.

Instagram Has Blocked Your Account

Instagram does its best to thwart bots. If you follow and unfollow several accounts to gain followers, your account might be flagged for suspicious activity by Instagram’s algorithm.

The same applies if you use third-party applications to expedite mundane tasks such as following and unfollowing accounts, liking or saving others’ posts, or commenting.

Using a VPN

    If you have set up a VPN connection, Instagram may detect a different IP address and flag your account for unusual activity. This can restrict certain features on your account, including the ability to follow other Instagram accounts.

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