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Why is there no Black Friday in Indonesia?

What is Black Friday?

Have you often heard about Black Friday? Okay, let’s discuss it!

Black Friday is a shopping tradition based in the United States. Black Friday usually occurs once a year, specifically on a Friday. Typically, Black Friday takes place after Thanksgiving Day, precisely on the fourth day of November. Black Friday is generally considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer various discounts on personal items, necessities, luxury goods, and more.

History of Black Friday

So, the origin of the name “Black” in Black Friday is taken from the standard of an accounting book, usually using the color red to indicate losses and the color black as a symbol of profit. In the context of Black Friday itself, it signifies a massive sale. Many offline and online stores in the United States launch large-scale promotions and reap significant profits from this event. This event has been around since 1961, precisely in Philadelphia, United States.


Black Friday has started to go global, influenced by American culture. Various countries have adopted this trend to boost their sales. Additionally, with the development of e-commerce trends, many online shopping platforms worldwide use Black Friday to increase their app usage.

Black Friday in Indonesia

Unfortunately, this trend has not caught on in Indonesia. However, some shopping platforms in Indonesia have adopted this trend, although it is still limited.

Here are some things to note about Black Friday:

  1. Special Offers: In Indonesia, there is no need for Black Friday as the country already has specific days for discount promotions. For example, the 11.11 Birthday Sale, which almost all online shopping platforms in Indonesia adopt.
  2. Involvement of Physical Stores: Many micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM) in Indonesia need to be uplifted. For example, the TikTok Shop app had a significant impact on the growth of UMKM in Indonesia, despite being just an event. Black Friday might similarly affect the growth of UMKM in Indonesia.
  3. Increased Online Shopping: With numerous online shopping events in Indonesia, many people have already shifted to online shopping. Black Friday could potentially lead more Indonesians to prefer online shopping. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Black Friday is not observed in Indonesia, especially since it originates from foreign culture.


It is essential to note that not all Indonesians enjoy the benefits of Black Friday, and not everyone in Indonesia is involved in this matter. With various understandings from each person, Black Friday may continue to evolve with the needs and advancements in technology and culture. The variables mentioned above represent most of the potential impacts, regardless of various opinions; these variables may increase or decrease.

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