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20 Free Udemy Devops Course

Hallo semua, pada postingan kali ini saya ingin membagikan daftar kursus Devops gratis yang tersedia di Udemy. Berikut ya list course nya, silahkan diakses dan enroll the course:

Topics: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, Git, Net Devops, and Ansible

  1. DevOps – The Pre-Requisite Course: The Swiss Army Knife of DevOps and Cloud courses. Introduced basic DevOps concepts to an Absolute Beginner
  2. Learn Devops Kubernetes deployment by kops and terraform: Comprehensive Nginx deployment to Kubernetes on AWS by using kops and terraform
  3. DevOps Essentials: DevOps Basics for the Absolute Beginner
  4. Net DevOps: Cisco Python, Automation, NETCONF, SDN, Docker: Learn Cisco Network DevOps: ACI, Ansible, Python, SDN, Kubernetes, Docker, Containers, NETCONF, includes free labs!
  5. DevOps: Beginner’s Guide To Automation With Ansible: Implement DevOps and Automation with Ansible, Work with Ansible CLI and debug, develop & work with Ansible Playbooks
  6. AWS DevOps CI/CD – CodePipeline, Elastic Beanstalk and Mocha: AWS DevOps Continuous Integration and Delivery CI/CD for NodeJS using AWS CodePipeline, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Mocha.
  7. JENKINS Beginner Tutorial – Step by Step: Learn Jenkins from scratch
  8. Docker Essentials: Learn Hands-on Containerization and Orchestration with Docker Ecosystem (Docker, Compose and Swarm)
  9. Docker for beginners: Let’s make Docker easy!
  10. Kubernetes: Getting Started (2019): Learn basics of Container Orchestration Engine and Kubernetes to get start into the world of Kubernetes.
  11. Build+Deploy+Test with Jenkins 2.0: Learn Jenkins 2.0 for end-to-end testing of applications
  12. DevOps Series – Setup Environment using Virtual Machines: We are going to publish series of courses under DevOps
  13. Beginner’s Guide to Containers and Orchestration: This course provides a simple and conceptual introduction to containers and orchestration
  14. GIT Crash Course: GIT Beginners to Advanced
  15. AWS AppStream 2.0 – Introduction: An introduction to AWS AppStream 2.0 and how to quickly leverage this AWS service
  16. Master Amazon EC2 Basics with 10 Labs: Learn key EC2 concepts with 10 different labs. Become a better cloud practitioner and pass the AWS Certification Exams
  17. Storage on Kubernetes – Portworx Fundamentals: Get started with the fundamentals of Cloud Native Storage Platform
  18. Just Enough Istio to be Dangerous [Kubernetes]: Learn basics of istio and why you need a service mesh by practice
  19. GNS3, Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN, OpenDaylight and OpenFlow:  Use Docker, OpenFlow, SDN, Wireshark in your GNS3 networks – learn about Docker, GNS3, SDN and OpenFlow practically
  20. Vagrant Master Course:  Master course on deploying homogen environments.


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