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How to Print to PDF or Save as PDF on MAC

Mac offers a variety of advanced features that make everyday tasks easier, one of which is the ability to print to PDF or save documents as PDF files directly. This process is highly useful for creating files that can be easily shared or stored on your device.

Eduidea will guide you on how to save something as a PDF and Print to PDF:

Printing to PDF or Saving as PDF

If you want to export a document and send it to someone, saving it as a PDF on your Mac is a suitable option. This way, others can annotate it or view it on a different Mac or device altogether. For example, you can save a document as a PDF and send it to someone so that they can easily add a signature using Preview on macOS if the document requires it.

You also have the option to secure the document by setting a password in Preview to ensure that only you and the recipient can view its contents. Printing to PDF or saving something as a PDF can be done in many applications. For instance, you can even save a web page in Safari as a PDF file.

How to Print or Save as PDF in MAC

  • With the supported application open, press Cmd + P on your keyboard or click File > Print from the menu bar.
  • Click PDF at the bottom of the print page.

Your new PDF will then be saved to whichever folder you choose. If you’re wondering how to print a PDF on your Mac to obtain a physical copy, you can do so by clicking ‘Print’ when you’re on the print screen within your application.

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